About ProTradeClub

Having worked within the financial industry for more than ten years (50+ years combined), we have seen that most retails investors don’t get access to strategies that are able to generate the returns they aim for. Many asset managers will at best, generate positive return for just a short time. Only a few will return positive returns over much longer periods. On top of this, investors end up paying a significant part of their returns to their asset managers, in some cases as much as 50%.

This is why we started to develop a business which would enable investors access to strategies and trading tools developed by professionals, which have proven to work over time, at beneficial terms. We then chose to market our services by Direct Selling, and with a fixed monthly fee to keep it simple and more affordable. The reason for using Direct Selling is that it is a fantastic way of reaching out to people worldwide with a personal touch and, but not least, it enables us to offer people a business opportunity which helps them create extra part time income or even full time income. There are so many people worldwide who are unable to invest in order to secure their retirement that, if we can help to make a difference, we should do so.

We therefore invite you to become part of a business that not only aims to generate significant returns,
but aims to change the lives of those who join us. Together we will succeed and prosper.

  • PTC International Inc.
    The Financial Services Centre
    Stoney Ground, Kingstown VC0100
    St. Vincent and the Grenadines

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