Trading Service / Trade Copier

With the Forex and CFD markets being fairly unknown to people, getting started as an investor is not something most people would consider doing, even with the returns being attractive from an investors perspective. This is where ProTradeClub can assist, by joining us people can invest with limited knowledge, there is no need for a detailed understanding of these markets, just as people invest into stocks and Funds without having a detailed knowledge about these assets (you of course need to be aware of the risk involved when investing).

By paying a monthly performance fee on your positive returns you can chose to invest into Forex and CFDs and have a professional manager trade on your behalf. You will have to setup and fund your account with a broker, after this you can sit back and trading will go on until you decide to cancel your trading agreement, or you want to withdraw your investment. It is really this simply.

Our services explained; Our Trading Service rely on your account being with the same brokers we work with, and you will be connected by a PAMM software provided by the broker. The Trade Copier enables any MT4 account, no matter which broker you have your account with, to be connected to our strategies. Besides this the service is more or less the same

Safety of Funds

Your funds are held by licensed brokers, in your personal account

Low leverage

By placing smaller orders, leverage is kept low, which help minimizing the risk

Professional team

Our service is monitored for an extra layer of risk management

Strategy and Returns

The Forex strategy is a collection of multiple automated strategies that is comprised of fundamental, technical, reversion, momentum, trend/counter trend, volatility, pattern recognition and a quantitative approach to trading, this allows the strategy to be trading 2 to 10 + different strategies at any given moment depending on the market conditions present at that time.

The CDF strategy is mainly focused on the market openings in the EU and the US. Most entries are based on news results by monitoring how the market reacts to these, following the big trends in the market. It is mainly a momentum strategy, it does not test resistance levels. It does not hold overnight positions, The normal risk profile is aorund 1% with all positions opened.

Forex strategy returns

2016 -0.57% 13.94% 26.79% 7.56% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% 54.51%
2015 4.50% 14.81% 16.63% 2.16% 21.16% 3.81% 4.70% -1.88% 0.14% 5.43% 2.95% 12.93% 126.72%
2014 -1.21% -3.41% -1.45% 0.61% 3.73% 1.75% 0.64% 0.70% 8.16% 14.81% 16.63% -6.17% 37.52%

Please note that ProTradeClub is solely delivering a trading services. We do not trade any funds, this is done by a professional trader.
Also note that all funds invested are sent to your personal account with a Broker. ProTradeClub itself does not accept any funds.

Self-trading Meters

Our technical team have worked in the Forex market since 2004, when the first MetaTrader4 Beta was launched. In 2008 they started working on their first automated trading solutions, which led to the development of a software that monitors all market movements. The development have taken close to 5 years, and finally, in 2016, we are ready to share this amazing trading tool with the retail market.

Explained in a simple way, our software monitors the market volumes by looking at the market movements and the strength of the movements. The software uses meters to show the data, so that everyone can understand the data (no trading experienced is needed to understand it). For example if big financial institutions buy one currency it will strengthen, due to their huge volume, our meters will then show the movement in the market and the force of it. With Forex being traded in pairs you will then find another currency that has a weak market movement and buy against this currency.

How to Get Started

In order to become a customer of ProTradeClub simply register on our webpage.

We will contact you with a guide on how to open your account with the brokers we work with. The account opening process will normally take 24 to 48 hours for an individual account, longer for a corporate account. When your account has been approved, you will have to fund it, and the broker will provide you with the funding options, such as credit card and wire transfer. When funded, you will connect to our services. Don’t worry if you feel that there is a lot to remember as we will guide you through every step of the process