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The best online trader training program that will show you how to become consistently profitable and increase your income. Benefit from the knowledge of experienced professionals and improve your performance straight away.

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The Only Program You Need To Become A Successful Trader

Pro Trade Club has developed a comprehensive Trader Training program, specifically designed to help you start trading for a profit. You will gain a mastery of Macro Fundamentals, so you can plan your trades in advance. Additionally, with the Technical Training, we will show you how to trade price action with a distinctive edge. You will be able to identify high reward-risk opportunities and pinpoint your entries accurately. Most importantly, you will limit your draw-downs and trade with less stress and anxiety.

Comprehensive Training

Learn everything you need to know to trade profitably, from Global Macro and trading price action like a pro, to managing your own portfolio like a hedge fund.

Proven Trading Tactics

Confidently decide when to buy or, sell and identify the best setups that offer the Highest Reward/Risk trades, under any kind of market conditions.

Use Multi-Asset Strategies

Access winning strategies and take advantage of opportunities globally, across a wide range of instruments and asset classes.

Impactful Mentoring

We are real traders and professionals. Join our first-class private mentoring program and benefit from our own experience and knowledge.

Training Program

Professional portfolio managers and ex-bank traders have designed the most effective learning experience for you


Learn Macro Fundamentals

Learn the Global Macro Fundamentals you need to trade successfully. You will be able to identify the catalysts that drive prices. Understand why prices move the way they do and plan your next trades in advance.


Increase Your Returns

There are thousands of so called "systems" out there and you might have used many of them. Let us show you the professionals' approach to trading and benefit from our own cutting edge strategies and tools.


Work with Top Traders

Get mentored by active professionals to supercharge your performance. You will learn the same concepts that traders are taught, while working at banks, hedge funds and prop trading firms.

Invest Like a Hedge Fund and Supercharge Your Portfolio

This is one of the most comprehensive online trader training program that will show you how to start investing like a hedge fund and manage your investment portfolio. You will learn all the tactics and strategies professional portfolio managers use to manage their clients' funds. Develop your skills in areas such as Global Macro Fundamentals, "reading" the business cycle, identifying winning stocks and creating multi-asset portfolios, for all-weather conditions. Get ready to start investing like a real professional in a matter of months!

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